Student Management System

You need a Student Management System (SMS) that not only helps you run business better, but also makes management of AVETMISS compliance simple, and empowers your students throughout their learning lifecycle. And you need a system that is flexible and able to grow as your business grows. Milk Bottle’s Student Management System is all that, and more.

Training organisations, the industries they cater to, the students they enrol, and the student learning lifecycle are all very different, with a diverse range of needs and expectations. And our Student Management System has been designed to accommodate this with ease, adapting to your needs and requirements, without forcing you to change how you operate. It is also designed with the modern student and training organisation in mind, so you are able to offer an innovative and progressive experience.


Customised Registrations

The type of information you need to collect from new students can differ from one course to another, so why use a standard registration form all the time? Our SMS allows you to customise the registration form for each course or training program, collecting only the information you need for your own records, and for compliance purposes.


Student Portal

Once registered, each student has access to their own personal student portal, through which they can securely view and update their personal information, access training material and other resources, enrol for further courses, submit payments, and complete online assessments. All student information is also collected in a central profile that administrators and trainers can access to view student information, training progress, communication history, and compliance records.


Study Plans

As soon as a student enrols in a new course, a study plan is automatically generated, which includes an outline of the training to be completed, along with details of each module, unit, and relevant assessments. Administrators and trainers can be assigned access to each student’s study plan for high level management of the student’s progress, such as delaying certain activities if they conflict with other critical deadlines.


Attendance Records

Whether your organisation needs to comply with AVETMISS, ESOS, or any other standards body, keeping track of student attendance is critical, and the Milk Bottle Student Management System is equipped to track and record attendance as per each standards body’s requirements, including student participation in all required activities and assessments, along with notifications for when attendance drops below the required threshold.


Results & Certificates

With Milk Bottle’s SMS you are in control of how marking is done, and how results are recorded and reported, so there is no need to adjust your current methods. But marking and results also need to be secure, so role-based administration is built in, allowing you to control who has access to different levels of the marking and results tools. This same level of secure access applies to the issuing of certificates too. Other certification tools include the ability to create custom certificate templates for each course or training program, and a register of all certificates issued. If any of the courses you offer require students to have first completed another course, you have the ability to record and store the certificate details, even if they were issued by another RTO or training provider.


Data Migration

Switching to Milk Bottle from another provider? We offer a number of solutions to make your data migration as seamless as possible, ensuring your business continues to operate with minimal interruptions, and no loss of data.


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