Learning Management System

Milk Bottle’s Learning Management System (LMS) is versatile and offers outstanding course and learner administrative functions for registered training organisations, organisations offering accredited training in any field, and businesses offering employees internal, non-accredited training. It is particularly useful for organisations that offer e-learning courses and web-based training, offering a comprehensive all-in-one system from where you can manage all aspects of the courses and training you offer, from registrations and enrolments, all the way through to module creation, assessments, compliance reporting, and certification.


It is a complete learning management solution, but it can be customised to meet your individual requirements, even allowing you to expand its capabilities as your business grows. Because you shouldn’t have to pay for features you don’t need right now.


Course Creation

Create new courses, or revise existing ones, with Milk Bottle’s Learning Management System’s powerful set of tools that allow you create individual units and modules that make up each course. Each course can then be broken into learning stages that allow students to efficiently progress according to a predetermined timetable.


Course Scheduling

If you offer courses that can only be enrolled in at certain times, you will want the ability to not only manage course scheduling, but also course schedule visibility. Part of the Milk Bottle LMS course scheduling function includes the ability to manage course information, from the locations where the course is available, through to course duration, delivery method, cost of the course, and when enrolments are available.


Milk Bottle’s Learning Management System does allow you to retain full control of course intake too, with the ability to structure all courses with different intake methods, from individual through to rolling intakes. While it is more common for organisations to have a set start and end date for courses, with no new enrolments possible until the next start date, some organisations need new apprentices and trainees to start required courses at any time.


Student Experience

Enhance your students’ experience through the use of unified messaging that can be automated using custom templates and triggers to send out messages when certain conditions are met. Students can manage their own notification settings, but still have access to all past communications through their student portal. Additionally, students can engage with their peers through the integrated messaging system, or one-on-one with trainers. This encourages engagement, particularly with web-based training which sometimes lacks any incentive for interaction and participation.


Timetables and Attendance

Timetables are important even for courses that are only offered as web-based training since learners need to be aware of the timeframe in which units and modules need to be completed, along with when assessments are scheduled for. Timetables for in-person training can be further refined to include venue details and scheduled activities, which can be accessed by both students and trainers. Trainers have the ability to record attendance, add notes and view student engagement with the online learning tools.



The built-in assessment library makes it easy for your organisation to build a catalogue of assessments for every course, unit, and module, for both in-person and web-based training. Any new courses you create can either use existing assessments, pulled from the library, or have a new assessment developed that will also be added to the library for future use or reference. Marking of assessments can either use competency decisions, or percentages, depending on whether the course is accredited or not, while assessments using a multiple-choice structure can be automatically resulted.


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