Our Student Management System and Learning Management System are both designed with the needs of RTOs and end-users in mind. Feature rich but not bloated, they give you all the tools you need to effectively manage your training organisation or institution, and remain fully AVETMISS and other training standards compliant. Explore some of the features offered by Milk Bottle’s LMS and SMS, or contact us to set up a full demonstration, allowing you to see what our systems are capable of.


Easily take charge of your website and manage your ability to attract, capture, and nurture leads through all stages of your sales funnel. This includes the ability to manage the course listing on your website: from adding or removing courses, to toggling course visibility.


Control Course Visibility

An easy-to-use backend puts you in control of which courses are visible online, without having to rely on your web developer or IT department. Prevent your online course catalogue from becoming cluttered by only showing courses that are currently accepting applications or enrolments.


Manage the Sales Funnel

Use the built-in CRM – or link the system to your own preferred CRM – and capture relevant information for any leads. The CRM can then be used to nurture potential students from lead through to enrolled student. Build up a history of lead sources and identify new marketing opportunities.


Process Online Applications & Enrolments

Enable potential learners and students to submit applications and enrol for courses electronically, freeing your administration staff to focus on other tasks. Customise each application and enrolment form to capture only the information relevant to each course, and seamlessly feed the information through to all parts of the system.


Automate Application & Enrolment Messaging

Create triggers and messages that keep potential learners and students informed throughout the application or enrolment process. Your leads are kept engaged and up-to-date with what is happening with their submission.


Accept Online Payments

Integrate your system with PayPal and other payment gateways, making it easier for learners and students to submit payments electronically, also making it easy for you to monitor outstanding course fees without the need for manual reconciliation.


Manage learner enrolments with a comprehensive solution that allows learners to enrol online, collecting all the required personal and compliance information, along with the ability to track and monitor learner progress.


Manage Learner Details

Capture all essential learner and student details the moment they submit an application or enrol for any course. Have this information seamlessly filter through to all other relevant sections of your system, reducing the need for manual capturing, and minimising the risk of incorrect information. Learners have access to their information too, allowing them to update if necessary.


Assign Roles and Control Access

Assign roles to all employees and link them to relevant access levels, so all employees only have access to the information that is relevant to them. Trainers have access to the courses, units, and modules that they cover, and details for the students they will be training. Meet compliance requirements by only accepting results, learning outcomes, and attendance captured on the system.


Control Course Information

Allow potential students to see all relevant course information before they submit an application, including any prerequisites, course start and end date, along with training method – if you offer both web-based training and venue-based training. Once enrolled, learners and students also get to see the timetable for their course. The Learning Management System includes features that allow you to control intakes for each course, from individual and group intakes, through to rolling intakes.


Course Creation

Easily create new course or revise existing courses with the ability to manage all documentation relating to a course, including modules and units, and then allocate modules and units to specific learning stages according to the course structure.


Student Portal

Give all enrolled learners and students access to their information through the integrated student portal, allowing them to view and update their personal information, see their learning and training history, including results and outcomes for completed modules or units, and also view their own attendance records.


Make Early Intervention Possible

Each trainer can view attendance records, engagement rates, and assessment results for their learners and students, including for modules or units covered by other trainers. This allows them to identify at-risk learners or students, and to intervene early enough to ensure the student or learner successfully completes their training.

Automation & Integration

Our solutions are fully customisable, so they all offer the ability to extend capabilities through the use of add-ons, along with the ability to integrate with a number of other systems that are critical to your RTO. They also support the ability to automate a number of common tasks, including messaging.


Automate Tasks & Documents

Create custom triggers and logic sequences to automatically assign tasks to specific administrators and trainers, and to create relevant documents – including reports – when certain conditions are met.


Schedule or Automate Messaging

Create default or custom messages in advance, which can then be sent to certain individuals or groups at specific times, or when certain events trigger them. Tasks can also be scheduled in advance and assigned at the right time, with due dates and task tracking also possible.


Easily Integrate with Other Systems

Speak to us about available add-ons or API access that make it possible to connect the Milk Bottle Student Management System or Learning Management System to other systems and software your training organisation depends on.


Customise any of the included templates, or add your own document templates covering certificates, training plans, and more.


Create Your own Document Library

Never lose or misplace documents with the ability for administrators and trainers to create their own document library. They can also share specific documents easily with other employees.


Quick Start with Templates

Included templates make it easy to get started with new training plans, timetables, certificates, reports, letters, and messaging. All templates can be customised according to your needs, but you can also upload your own templates for future use.


Assessment Library

Build a comprehensive catalogue of all assessments, both current and retired, with the ability to edit existing assessments and add new assessments, with roles in place to ensure that any changes are first assigned to a relevant administrator or manager for assessing and approving before use.


Managing compliance is critical to all RTOs, which is why our solutions all include a comprehensive range of compliance features such as reporting, management of attendance and progress records, and management of VET Student Loans. Easily ensure you meet specific compliance requirements including AVETMISS, VET Student Loans (VSL), Victorian Student Number (VSN), CRICOS, Higher Ed, and the use of Unique Student Identifiers (USI).


Schedule, Generate, and Deliver Reports

Automate the generation of compliance and other reports in advance, using your own schedule, and have these delivered to all relevant stakeholders automatically. Trainers and administrators can also request specific reports, controlled through their role and assigned access level.


Accurate Attendance Records

Accurately capture attendance and engagement for all learners electronically, ensuring that all attendance and engagement records are up-to-date and accurate throughout the system. Monitor against required attendance levels and intervene where necessary ahead of time.


Manage Timetables, Trainers, and Venues

Avoid conflicts in class times, trainers, and venues for all courses or units by being able to get an overview of class times and trainer and venue allocation.

Security & Support

All our solutions including industry standard security protocols to keep yours and your learners data safe, which includes system-wide encryption, salting and hashing of passwords, along with built-in role-security settings that allow you to control what information any user has access to.


Keep Data Secure

In addition to system-wide encryption, add an extra level of security with two-factor authentication for all logins.


Manage User Roles & Access

Control what employees and trainers have access to by assigning roles, which can further be modified by managing levels of access for each user, including whether they can view and/or edit any data.


Track Changes

An electronic audit trail allows you to easily see what changes have been made on the system, and by who, with full retention allowing you to have a detailed history of changes.


24/7 Support

Enjoy access to support any time of the day with access to our support team during standard business hours, and full access to our knowledge base at all hours, so you never end up not knowing how to resolve issues, or how to access specific features. We are also able to schedule in-depth training sessions that will have you getting the full benefit of what Milk Bottle’s systems offer in no time at all.

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