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Milk Bottle is an end-to-end Student Management System (SMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) service provider for registered training organisations (RTOs), with an emphasis on providing comprehensive AVETMISS-ready solutions for training organisations throughout Australia, allowing them to take full control of education management.

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Our portfolio of products include complete NextGen LMS and SMS solutions that are easy to implement and use, and are fully customisable so you don’t end up with features you don’t need.

Our solutions help you manage your RTO more efficiently, without losing focus on what matters most – helping learners acquire the skills they need – and they are designed to work for any RTO, regardless of the industry you specialise in.



Backed by decades of industry experience, we know what features RTOs expect from a complete LMS or SMS solution, but we also know that the needs of RTOs aren’t identical. Which is why our services and solutions have been designed to meet a wide variety of needs in ways that make it seem like it was designed just for you, whether-

You're a new RTO

The needs of new RTOs aren’t much different to that of long-running training organisations. But finding an SMS and LMS service provider who can be a long-term partner is certainly a top priority; a partner that can be with you every step of the way in setting up your RTO, and is able to provide solutions that grow as your organisation grows.



Milk Bottle’s solutions are economical, especially for pre-registration RTOs that still need to meet student management system compliance requirements.


Efficient CRM

All of Milk Bottle’s solutions include a streamlined customer-relationship management (CRM) system that is robust, but makes light work of capturing and managing student leads.


Easy Setup

There are many difficult tasks for new RTOs to take care of and getting your LMS or SMS set up shouldn’t be one of them. You’ll find setting up Milk Bottle’s solutions a breeze, with you able to start with data-entry quickly and easily.



Start with the features that are essential, and only add new features as you need them. Milk Bottle’s solutions are feature-rich, but scalable, allowing you to enable new features only when you need them.

You're a new higher education provider

We’re passionate about training and education solutions, so naturally we also understand that higher education providers have their own expectations for LMS and SMS solutions, along with different requirements they need to meet. Milk Bottle’s solutions easily accommodate these, along you to focus on growing your institution.



Let your students manage their education path through Milk Bottle’s integrated learner self-service system that allows students to enrol themselves in classes as their own timetable allows.



Peer-to-peer engagement is critical to successful learning and group work, but it shouldn’t be forced. With Milk Bottle, students can easily manage their own peer-to-peer groups, freeing your administrators and educators to focus on more important tasks.



Milk Bottle’s sophisticated notification management system ensures that staying informed is easy for students, with options for daily digests, reminders, and more.



If you’re an approved higher education provider, some of your students could be studying with the assistance of a FEE-HELP loan. And that has different data management and reporting requirements for you to comply with, with Milk Bottle’s solutions assisting you in meeting these.

You're looking for better integration

A LMS and SMS aren’t the only systems RTOs and higher education providers use, and it is easier for you to make decisions when you have all relevant information quickly accessible. This is only possible when your LMS or SMS integrates seamlessly with many other applications essential to your organisation’s day-to-day operations, without forcing you to only consider certain applications.



Milk Bottle includes a robust CRM, but we also understand that you might prefer a different CRM, which is why Milk Bottle integrates easily with leading CRMs such as HubSpot and Salesforce, allowing you to continue tracking sales and optimising conversions without learning a new system.



Already happy with your LMS? No problem. Milk Bottle won’t force you to switch your LMS if you’re only looking for a new SMS, and with support for integrating with Moodle and Canvas, you won’t need to keep switching between systems just to get your work done.



It is much easier to manage the finances of your RTO or Higher Ed if what happens in your SMS also updates in your accounting system, whether that be Xero, MYOB, or other leading accounting systems. Which Milk Bottle supports through pre-built integrations.


Flexible API

Milk Bottle has a very versatile API that allows all clients to create custom integrations between Milk Bottle and other systems. And if you’re not sure how to do that, we are more than happy to work with you to create any custom integrations you need.

You need a new system

The way in which RTOs and higher education providers operate have changed substantially over the past few years, almost at the same pace that technology has changed. And if you find yourself saddled with a system that hasn’t kept pace; a system that now hinders your organisation instead of aiding it, switching to Milk Bottle could help you get back to focusing on education, training, and your customers.


Data Migration

Don’t be afraid to switch to a new system simply because the thought of setting up a new system is intimidating. Milk Bottle makes it easy to migrate all your data – from learners and courses, through to enrolments, awards, and more – without the need to manually capture anything, or worrying about data going missing. You can either use the built-in tools to manage the importing of your data, or use Milk Bottle’s data import team for a free, one-time data import if any of your data uses non-standard formats.


Cloud Based

The entire Milk Bottle system is cloud based, so your data isn’t only protected against equipment failure, it also allows us to structure the system so you only pay for the features you need, with the ability to easily add new features and add-ons only when you need them. Making Milk Bottle more affordable, and streamlined.



Data Validation

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to run any compliance reports due to missing or invalid data, you’ll appreciate that Milk Bottle is designed with compliance in mind, allowing for reliable data validation throughout, and relieving you from feelings of dread every time you need to do reporting.


User Experience

A lot of thought has been put into ensuring that Milk Bottle’s interface isn’t only modern, but also intuitive, resulting in a user experience free from frustration.

We also offer training for RTOs to maximise their MILK BOTTLE experience.

Contact the MILK BOTTLE team today to find out more about training seminars near you to get in-depth exposure to basic and advanced Milk Bottle features, along with processes you can implement using Milk Bottle to make your analytics, reporting, and compliance monitoring more efficient.

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